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About Ju Ju

I am a British Born Chinese cook and mother. My parents came over from Hong Kong and opened several Cantonese restaurants in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. My passion for food came from my home and helping out in the family business.


The traditional Chinese mother shops regularly and cooks fresh food daily for the family.  I do that now!  After a career of 30 years, first in the music and then in the video games industry, I decided to follow my passion of home cooking.


Ju Ju’s is all about bringing dishes from China, Korea and Japan to the streets of Brighton and beyond.  I hope my food respects the traditions but finds a twist to delight the modern palate.  This is the food I serve my family.

Our Menu


Charsui Bao

Fluffy white buns filled with Cantonese BBQ Pork. Chinese comfort food!

Pork Gyozas

Juicy pork filled dumpling with crispy golden wrapper. Served with either sweet or hot chilli soy sauce.

Veggie Gyozas (V)

Handmade gyozas packed with veggies and plant based protein. Served with either sweet or hot chilli soy sauce.

Pork Won Tons

Handmade dumplings with pork, shitake mushrooms, spring onions & sesame oil. Served with either sweet or hot chilli soy sauce.

Veggie Wontons (V)

Handmade dumplings using Beyond Meat plant based patties. Served with either sweet or hot chilli soy sauce.

Tofu and Spring Onion Omelette (V)

Freshly prepared omelette using free range eggs. Served with either sweet or hot chilli soy sauce.


Vegetarian or Vegan Donburi

Rice served in a rich miso broth with tofu, shitake mushrooms, ramen egg, avocado, cabbage kimchi and nori

Salmon Donburi

Rice served in a rich miso & dashi broth topped with salmon, shitake mushrooms, ramen egg, avocado, daikon kimchi and nori

Poached Chicken on Rice with Daikon Kimchi

Delicately poached super tender chicken breasts served on rice and with a family-favourite ginger & spring onion sauce.

Beef Short Rib Bao with Daikon Kimchi

Melt-in-the-mouth aromatic slow cooked beef short ribs served in a fluffy white bun with cucumber & spring onions.

Ma Po Aubergine and Cabbage Kimchi (Vegan)

Aromatic spicy stir fried plant-based 'mince' with aubergines and served on rice.

Noodle Salad with Roast Aubergine and Cabbage Kimchi (V)

A rich vegetarian noodle salad with roast aubergines and soy-balsamic dressing.


Homemade Instant Cabbage Kimchi

Homemade Daikon (Japanese White Radish) Kimchi


Jasmine Tea

Green Tea

Flora Tea

Award winning tea, as seen on BBC Dragons' Den. Includes a reusable mug and free hot water refill.


Japanese Soft Drink with a marble! A firm favourite with children!

Coconut Water

Naturally rehydrating.

Still or Sparkling Water

Food Allergy Notice: please let us know if you require any ingredient information on any of our dishes.
Only biodegradable, compostable or recycled food and drinks packaging are used by Ju Ju’s Oriental Kitchen.

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